Top 5 Tips for Users of Sit-Stand - USA Helves

Top 5 Tips for Users of Sit-Stand

1.) Build up gradually
We suggest that you start with 20 minute standing, then sit for 40 minutes. Repeat throughout the day avoid excessive sitting and standing. This will build up your Sit/ Stand fitness.
2.) Track how you work
See what works for you find out what things you prefer doing standing e.g phone calls, clearing out your inbox and routine desk work.
3.)What do you focus on?
Find out the things you do better sitting e.g creative writing, proof reading and in-depth analysis.
4.) Think about your feet
Standing all day can lead to back, knee or foot problems, so take it slowly. Make sure you have comfortable footwear and think about a comfort mat.
5.) Keep Moving
Keep moving around, take frequent breaks, and make a conscious effort to mix it up. This will keep you motivate and increase your energy levels.



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