Helves Desk Setup Guide

1. Layout

Place your Helves standing desk on a stable, flat surface with a minimum size of 50 x 50 cm.

Look at the 3 shelves, the grooves on the shelves should be facing upwards to lock the shelf to the ladder.

2. Ladder  

Stand the ladder on your desk.

Insert the support shelf, with the two holes in it, into the second slot from the bottom.

3. Lock

Insert the T Block to lock the support shelf in place.

4. Lower Shelf

Push the shelves into the ladder.

Most people put the bottom shelf beneath the top shelf.

5. Top Shelf

Insert the Top and Middle shelf

Add your computer and keyboard and mouse to the stand.

You have done it.

Your desk should look like the image.


  • Don't lean heavily onto the keyboard shelf. This can make the desk unstable.
  • Don't load the desk with any more than 10kg
  • To use whilst seated put the keyboard on the surface and the laptop on the lowest shelf.

If you have any questions or need any help please do get in contact.