Helves Sit Standing desk with 3 shelves with keyboard, laptop and notebook setup
Tall Helves Desk for Home Office and Working Standing
Standing Desks are a great way to mobilise your back as you work. Changing your position through out the day with a strong, stylish, plywood, standing Desk
Tall desk with Apple 24 inch iMac on top shelf
Photographer with Helves Standing Desk
Birch Plywood 18 mm standing desk assembly as separate parts.
TALL Standing Desk - Desk
Helves Standing Desk - showing features that let you store the top shelf, a cable tidy and smoothed edges.
Helves Tall Standing Desk Furniture.
Helves Standing Desk - Desk
TALL Standing Desk - Desk

TALL Standing Desk


Stand up for Happiness.

You tried the pile of books, you tried the ironing board.

Now it is time to invest in desk that supports you.

The TALL Helves Standing Desk is handcrafted from FSC certified birch plywood in Lancashire U.K.

A simple and flexible height adjustable desk whether you are working at home or in your office.

Configure the different shelves to achieve the perfect position to work effectively and improve your health.

Each desk comes with three shelves to provide you with the maximum configurations whether you use it to sit or stand.


Finish:                    Plain 18mm Birch Plywood.

Height:                  82 cm
Bottom Shelf:      76 cm x 25cm (wide x deep)
Middle Shelf:     39 cm x 14 cm (wide x deep)
Top Shelf:             39 cm x 33cm (wide x deep)

Footprint:             43 cm x 40cm

Note: We recommend a min surface of 50cm x 50cm

Weight: 9kg

shape  10 kg weight limit
shape 3-4 Days to reach you in mainland U.K.

Made: Lancashire, U.K.