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Helves Standing Desk

Supporting you to work better

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Why Helves?

A modern kitchen with a Helves standing desk sitting on a marble surface.


are the handles of Tools and Weapons.

Our Desks are the modern 'handle' designed for the technology tool in your life.

It is simple to set your desk up in less than a minute.

Use the shelves in the order and height you desire. A form that is flexible and lets you personalise the way you work in a healthier way for your body.

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..ideal for the home office.

..when you need extra height.

..for those that need extra screens.

Designed and made with care in the UK

Sustainably sourced and manufactured in Lancashire, UK.

Made in the U.K. from Sustainably sourced birch plywood. The Helves Sit Stand Desk is handmade in Leicestershire. We want to support you in working from home.


Kind words from our customers:

Annie Price


Now I am working from home this packs down really simply. It simply lets me stand or sit. I sometimes put the laptop on the upper shelf or use the lower shelf. Love the flexibility to keep me moving.

Warren Davies

Founder, Start- up Company

My desk has changed the way I work. I wish I stood up sooner.

Kylie Weisenburg

UX Designer

I work in a new way. Which makes me feel great as I am in front of my screen every day for over 8 hours.

Supporting Working in a New Way

Whether you are working in a new space or returning to an old one. Helves believes that we should all work in a way that is healthy for you and the environment

Sitting for hours can create long term health problems. Combining sitting & standing throughout the day improves your energy and mood. Invest in you with a sustainably sourced Birch desk which will grow with you.

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Helves Sit Standing desk with 3 shelves with keyboard, laptop and notebook setup
Standing Desks are a great way to mobilise your back as you work. Changing your position through out the day with a strong, stylish, plywood, standing Desk
Image of Helves standing Desk with a glass of daffodils
Smiling man with Helves Standing Desk
Birch Plywood 18 mm standing desk elements
Image of Helves Standing Desk measurement
Helves Standing Desk - showing features that let you store the top shelf, a cable tidy and smoothed edges.
Helves Standing Desk - Desk

TALL Standing Desk


Stand up for Happiness.

You tried the pile of books, you tried the ironing board.

Now it is time to invest in desk that supports you.

The TALL Helves Standing Desk is handcrafted from FSC certified birch plywood in Lancashire U.K.

A simple and flexible height adjustable desk whether you are working at home or in your office.

Configure the different shelves to achieve the perfect position to work effectively and improve your health.

Each desk comes with three shelves to provide you with the maximum configurations whether you use it to sit or stand.


Finish:                    Plain 18mm Birch Plywood.

Height:                  82 cm
Bottom Shelf:      76 cm x 25cm (wide x deep)
Middle Shelf:     39 cm x 14 cm (wide x deep)
Top Shelf:             39 cm x 33cm (wide x deep)

Footprint:             43 cm x 40cm

Note: We recommend a min surface of 50cm x 50cm

Weight: 9kg

shape  10 kg weight limit
shape 3-4 Days to reach you in mainland U.K.

Made: Lancashire, U.K.


.. is a desk ideal for a working from home

Sturdy, stylish and easy to pack away.

72cm Tall

Top Shelf:      39 cm x 25cm 
Middle Shelf:  39 cm x 14 cm
Bottom Shelf:   75 cm x 32 cm 


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..for those that use two screens.

Ideal if you use a monitor / laptop combination.

82cm tall

Top Shelf:      76 cm x 32cm 
Middle Shelf:  39 cm x 14 cm
Bottom Shelf:  76 cm x 32cm