Why Helves?

Designed to improve your health and improve your posture and spine with an stylish design which raises your laptop or monitor

Made from FSC certified birch plywood the Helves Standing desk is a sustainably manufactured desk to improve your posture.

Helves Standing Desk is manufactured with three shelves to give you the best position to place your laptop, monitor or screen when standing or sitting

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CLASSIC Helves Standing desk ideal for working from home and office

..ideal for the home office.

..The Classic plus two great additions.

Wide Desk for Two Screens

..for those that need extra screens.

Supporting Working in a New Way

Whether you are working in a new space or returning to an old one. Helves believes that we should all work in a way that is healthy for you and the environment

Sitting for hours can create long term health problems. Combining sitting & standing throughout the day improves your energy and mood. Invest in you with an sustainably FSC certified sourced Birch desk which will grow with you.

We are proud to have happy customers in the NHS, Hewlett Packard, Environment Agency and many more.

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Conde Nast Traveller
Photographer standing at Helves Standing Desk


are the handles of Tools.

Our Desks are the modern 'handle' designed for the technology tool in your life.

It is simple to set your desk up in less than a minute.

Use the shelves in the order and height you desire. A form that is flexible and lets you personalise the way you work in a healthier way for your body.

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..for those that use two screens.

Ideal if you use a monitor / laptop combination.

75 cm tall

Top Shelf:      76 cm x 32cm 
Middle Shelf:   36 cm x 12 cm
Bottom Shelf:  76 cm x 32cm 

Helves WIDE standing desk